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Tank T-34/76 and T-34/85 (Part 2)


2 t34 10In this second part we will discuss the effectiveness of the T-34, which, like all tanks, had its strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths were his armor, firepower and mobility. Its weaknesess were handling, ergonomics, layout and visibility of the crew (commander and driver).

The T-34 had great stability on its strengths throughout WW2. In 1941, when it appeared in battle what surprised more that the enemy was its sloped armor which could not be penetrated by enemy anti-tank weapons, only 88 mm Flank could do it at short distances with short 50 mm cannons.

2 t34 1Most German tanks of 1941 only had smaller caliber cannons. It was 37 mm and 50 mm versus 76 mm T-34, but this changed in mid-1942 when the Germans improved their weapons and T-34 began to be vulnerable for the rest of the conflict, but it still had better armor than the M4 Sherman and Panzer…

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1ª Quedada Anual “Tercios Españoles” 2016

Parece que fue ayer cuando, a través del chat del juego, recibí una bandera britanica pequena texto copiamisteriosa comunicación de olo_Alf_olo. Mi heroe (que ya por entonces Alf era el Capitán América para mi) me invitaba a formar parte del equipo creador de un clan y me pedía el whatsapp. Naturalmente, me precipité a mándarle mi número como si la chica más guapa del instituto me hubiese dicho que podíamos quedar el sábado (y yo tuviese 17 años). Seguir leyendo 1ª Quedada Anual “Tercios Españoles” 2016

1st Tercios Españoles Annual Meeting 2016


It seems like yesterday when, through the game chat, I received a mysterious communication from olo_Alf_olo. My hero (who was Captain America for me by then) invited me to join the creators of a clan team and I asked me for my whatsapp. Of course, I rushed to send him my number as if the prettiest girl in the secondary school had told me we could meet on Saturday (and I were 17 years old).

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Fu’ Matchmaking


paisaje t34-e100 copiaEntering the Wot Blitz Forum and finding multiple threads on the intrinsical evil of Match Making has become a nightmare. The matching algorithm is for most players the worst mistake in the game which, on the other hand, is a true technological marvel that only the miracle of disproportionate development of electronics has enabled.
A large number of players complain that they are always disadvantaged by MM who paired them with the unredeemed rookie teams thirsty of defeat and death. Bad luck for those players who did not go on the opposing team. Hehe.
From there to the conspiranoic theory there is a little jump. Wargaming makes us miserably  fail again and again to force us to spend money on premium accounts and premium tanks.
Along the many years I have dedicated to the teaching of Universal Art and History, I have been well known among my students for my…

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Configurar el Team Speak para utilizarlo en World of Tanks Blitz

Tercios Españoles 2015 (TESRH, TESR1 y TESR2)

paton m 48 copiaComo todos sabéis, la utilización de medios de comunicación entre los miembros del equipo en los juegos on-line de cooperación es una realidad posible hoy que supera las expectativas de cualquier “jugófilo” de los de toda la vida.

En mi Clan, Tercios Españoles, hemos optado por TeamSpeak3 después de algunas dudas y reflexiones. Este sistema nos pareció económico y accesible así como uno de los más extendidos entre la comunidad de jugadores de WoTBlitz de otras nacionalidades.

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Sovietic pride: T-34


In this issue, we will continue with the history of tanks. This time we will see the tank T-34 (1ªparte) a soviet tank produced between 1940 and 1945 (from 1940 to 1943 T-34/76 and 1943-1945 T-34/85).

The T-34 is the tank with better balance in firepower, mobility and protection existing at that time, although at the beginning it was not so. The unwillingness of the crew, lack of radio, bad ammunition and inadequate tactics ruin the expectations put on it.

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TESR1 y ELCID cuentan con dos nuevos subcomandantes

Retrato de Pere cuando trabajaba de busto en un museo militar
Retrato de Pere cuando trabajaba de busto en un museo militar
bustosergio copia
Aunque le falten ambos brazos, Sergio es mañoso con el Ipad


En efecto, los compañeros Escipionelafricanus_ps (Pere) y sverdasco bandera britanica pequena texto copia(Sergio) ejercerán de ahora en adelante la misión de subcomandantes respectivamente en TESR1 y en ELCID. Seguir leyendo TESR1 y ELCID cuentan con dos nuevos subcomandantes

Two new deputy commanders for TESR1 and ELCID

Novedades en el equipo de gobierno de nuestros clanes


bustopere copia Escipionelafricanus_ps while working as a bust in a military museum

bustosergio copia Although Sergio hasn’t got arms he plays quite well. Congratulations, pal.

Indeed, clan members Escipionelafricanus_ps (Pere) and sverdasco (Sergio) will have from now on the role of deputy commanders of, respectively, TESR1 and ELCID.
Their essential task will be the responsability of recruitment and selection of applicants to enter the clan, to teach and help them take in their first steps in our large group of friends.

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