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Tank T-34/76 and T-34/85 (Part 2)


2 t34 10In this second part we will discuss the effectiveness of the T-34, which, like all tanks, had its strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths were his armor, firepower and mobility. Its weaknesess were handling, ergonomics, layout and visibility of the crew (commander and driver).

The T-34 had great stability on its strengths throughout WW2. In 1941, when it appeared in battle what surprised more that the enemy was its sloped armor which could not be penetrated by enemy anti-tank weapons, only 88 mm Flank could do it at short distances with short 50 mm cannons.

2 t34 1Most German tanks of 1941 only had smaller caliber cannons. It was 37 mm and 50 mm versus 76 mm T-34, but this changed in mid-1942 when the Germans improved their weapons and T-34 began to be vulnerable for the rest of the conflict, but it still had better armor than the M4 Sherman and Panzer…

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